Best Youth/Student Ministry

J ZachJeremy Zach, a youth minister since 2002 and youth ministry blogger, recently shared his list of common characteristics found in great youth ministries.  His list of seven shared attributes includes three that are not directly about the youth/students:

  • maintain and train amazing and healthy leaders,
  • engage 25% of their parents, and
  • invite the senior pastor into the student ministry.

So What?

Zach is right: great youth/student ministry is never ministry in its own silo.  Effective student ministry equips parents to serve well in their role as the primary faith educators of their children, empowers an always expanding group of student and adult leaders, engages the senior minister and other senior church leadership, and ensures that the wisdom of inter-generational community is continually leveraged for the good of all ages.

What else would you add to a list of best practices for youth ministries in areas that are not directly about the youth/students?

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