It’s Time to Contribute

Aaron LoyAaron Loy, founding pastor of Mosaic Lincoln (Lincoln, NE), recently blogged about some of the really bad reasons people use to justify leaving a church.  In explaining his first reason, “I’m not being fed,” Loy reminds readers that church should not be primarily about being a religious consumer.

To leave a church because you’re not getting “enough” is a cop out. Your primary call in the church is to contribute, not just to consume. As a Christian, you shouldn’t require spoon-feeding for the rest of your life. Eventually you need to learn how to feed yourself so that, in time, you can actually feed others. Remember, your call is not just to be a disciple but to make disciples.

So What?

Not all that pleased with the direction of the church you are a member or active participant in is taking?  Get involved. Share your gifts. Make a meaningful contribution.

Delighted your church has so much to offer and enjoy participating in many of these services and activities? Give back. Share your expertise. Help lead one of these or something new.

Discipleship is a lifelong journey that happens in community.  It isn’t a spectator sport. It must be a hands-on experiential endeavor.

  • Think of your own church experiences over the past year. Did you do more consuming or contributing?
  • What is one significant way your local congregation empowers people to not only be disciples but help make disciples?

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