God’s Role in the Super Bowl

Super BowlAccording to a new survey, more than half of all Americans believe God has a role to play in this year’s Super Bowl.  This number includes:

Americans who pray for God to help their team (26 percent), think their team has been cursed (25 percent) or more generally believe God is involved in determining who wins on the court or in the field (19 percent).

So What?

During my adult life, I have watched at least part of every Super Bowl.  My reasons for watching have varied: some years I have watched primarily for the game, other years I tuned in to see the commercials, and yet other years the game has been more a social experience as I spent time with a large group of people in a party type atmosphere.  Never once in all of those experiences, however, do I recall a conversation about God’s role in the game.

What (if any) role do you think God has in this year’s Super Bowl?


  1. andrew says:

    I do not believe that God chooses to influence a football game, however I do believe that as a good and faithful Father figure he is interested in seeing all of his children on both sides of the ball play to the best of their potential.
    Yes, God has more important things to do, but I believe as a father myself that He can still make time for us, His children.

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