The Problem with Facebook

Facebook ProblemsDerek Muller of Veritasium, an educational science channel on YouTube, recently posted a 7-minute video exploring the current problems with Facebook.  If you and/or your organization spend any time on Facebook, then I encourage you to listen to Muller’s video in its entirety.


So What?

Muller comments, “The beauty of social media is that it’s the user who gets to control the content, who they interact with and how.” As Facebook increasingly limits what content users see and approaches everyone as though each user is an advertiser, the relevance of their platform is likely to decline.

While I still regularly visit Facebook these changes concern me.  They are one reason why I have chosen to invest more of my time on Twitter this year.

  • What did you learn from watching Muller’s video that you did not already know about Facebook?
  • Are you likely to spend more, less, or about the same amount of time on Facebook in 2014 as you did in 2013?
  • Has your local congregation accounted for the recent Facebook changes in their social media strategy for 2014?

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