Christmas: Cultural or Religious?

ChristmasJust in time for Christmas, the Pew Research Center released information about how Americans view the holiday.

While 92% of Americans celebrate Christmas, there is considerable diversity when it comes to the basis of such celebrations:

  • 51% – more of a religious holiday,
  • 32% – more of a cultural holiday, and
  • 9% – both/other (which includes those who celebrate but did not comment on whether they felt it was more religious or cultural).

So What?

Notably there is a generational divide.  The younger the age group, the less significant the percentage who celebrate Christmas primarily as a religious holiday.  More specifically, while 66% of those aged 65+ will celebrate Christmas primarily as a religious holiday only 55% of those aged 50-64 do so compared to only 50% of those aged 30-49 and just 39% of those aged 18-29.

  • For you, is Christmas primarily a religious holiday, primarily a cultural holiday, or a blending of the two?
  • As a religious holiday, what does Christmas mean to you?


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