Sermon: That Changes Everything

JosephSermon Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Sermon Excerpt

. . . Immediately, Joseph flip-flops.  He goes from being certain he must divorce Mary to knowing he must marry her.

God has shown him a better way.  Rather than seeking to live by the letter of the law, he chooses to be guided by the greatest commandment: love.

Guided by the strength of this love, he recommits himself to his relationship with Mary. He continues with the engagement.  Joseph marries Mary.  He abstains from sexual relations with her until after she gives birth to a son, whom he names Jesus.

This is a story worth telling again and again.  While at this time of year we often focus on Mary’s incredible obedience, it is important to recognize that Joseph. . . (read the full manuscript)

So What?

We tend to hear a lot about Mary.  Have you ever stopped to consider what the Advent journey was like for Joseph?  How does his experience encourage you as you watch and wait, ponder and pray, and get ready for the birth of Jesus this year?

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