Myths About Raising Interfaith Kids

SusanKatzMillerSusan Katz Miller, author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family (2013), recently shared myths parents of differing religions who want their children to be raised in both traditions often hear presented as facts:

  1. the kids will be confused,
  2. the kids will be stressed by choosing between parents,
  3. the child will not feel comfortable in a synagogue or church,
  4. the two religions are contradictory,
  5. Jesus is a huge dilemma for interfaith kids,
  6. both religions will be watered down, and
  7. only people who don’t value religion raise kids both.

So What?

Not only has Miller written a book on the topic, she and her husband are raising their children in an interfaith community.  As the number of interfaith marriages continues to rise, this topic will be of significance for those unions with children as well as for the faith communities in which they raise them.

  • What other myths have you heard about the religious upbringing of children in families seeking to nurture their children’s understanding of  the religions practiced by both parents?
  • How good of a job does your local congregation do in ministering to these families?

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