A New Mainline

New MainlineMainline Protestantism has transitioned from American’s dominant form of Christianity to a mere 18% of the adult population.  Many forecast continued decline.

Recognizing the issue with the name, Cathy Lynn Grossman is inviting you to take a poll to propose a new name for the mainline, which includes a “dozen church groups  . . . including United Methodists, Episcopalians, Evangelical Lutherans, Presbyterians (USA) and American Baptists).”  The options she offers are

  • Old Line
  • Liberal Church
  • Grandma’s Church
  • Christians-Formerly-Known-As-Mainline
  • New Coke
  • Forget Labels
  • Other.

So What?

Take a minute and vote.  This is an important conversation.   If you are curious how I voted, I opted for “other.”

Whether or not you selected “other” share one or more possible additional names that might get a significant number of votes if added to Grossman’s list.

Speak Your Mind