Why People Share

IpsosIpsos, the world’s third largest market research company, recently published the results of their global survey on social media sharing. The reasons people share include:

  • 37% – to let others know what I believe in and who I really am,
  • 30% – to recommend a product, service, movie, book, etc.,
  • 29% – to add my support to a cause, an organization or a belief, and
  • 26% – to share unique things.

So What?

Social media managers and others tasked with overseeing the social media presence of churches and other religious nonprofit organizations should be aware of the reasons people share social content.  This research suggests that many people are open to sharing such content if they find it of value.

  • Have you shared content created by your church or a religious nonprofit organization in the last month?
  • What are a few of the top reasons you choose to share social content?


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