The Bible in 4 Minutes

Chuck Knows Church is an educational resource funded by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church.  Every Thursday, a somewhat goofy yet always personable, pastoral and knowledgeable man named Chuck shares a new 2-4 minute YouTube video on a basic topic related to Christianity.  The site now features a library of over 40 videos with past topics that include Advent wreath, baptismal font, candles, and doxology.

Recently, Chuck provided an overview of the Bible in 4 minutes.

So What?

The Bible is a sacred book shared by all who follow the way of Jesus.  While we agree (mostly) on what should be contained within the volume, our understanding of what the words meant and mean varies widely.  No matter which of the  three ways  you interpret it, it is an important resource.

Challenge yourself to create and present an introduction to the Bible lasting no more than 5 minutes.

  • What did you find most difficult about the project?
  • What did you leave out due to the time requirement that you think is important for anyone to know who lacked any prior knowledge of what the Bible is or contains?
  • Would you be interested in listening to similar presentations about other holy books? Why or why not?

Speak Your Mind