Christian? Who Knew?

Aware ChristainWho knows that you are a Christian?

According to a LifeWay Research survey of Protestant churchgoers, most Christians believe most people who know them are aware that they follow the way of Jesus.  More specifically, in response to the statement “Many people who know me are not aware I am a Christian,” respondents replied

  • Disagree: 72%,
  • Agree: 14%, and
  • Neither: 14%.

So What?

I would be intrigued to know the results if 100 people who have some connection to me were asked to identify my religion.  Since I work in a church and teach religion in a university, I suspect nearly all would identify me as Christian.  I do, however, recognize that I am not the best example for the question.

  • What percentage of people with some connection to you do you think would correctly identify your religion if asked to reply to a poll giving them several options?
  • For those you know who know you are a Christian, what are the top two or three ways others have learned that this is the religion you practice?
  • How public or private do you think is the ideal way for most people to be about their religious affiliation in America in 2013? Explain the rationale for your view.

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