Who Volunteers Most?

we heart volunteersWhile religious people tend to volunteer more than non-religious, a new study finds that one factor makes more difference than any other in determining who volunteers the most: type of high school attended.   Jonathan Hill and Kevin den Dulk’s research, published last month in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, “shows that graduates of Protestant high schools out-volunteer peers from Catholic, secular, public, and home schools—all by significant margins.”

So What?

While proposing a few possible reasons for why graduates of Protestant high schools volunteer at higher rates than others, Melissa Steffan’s article rightly recognizes these as explanations for consideration rather than clear variables resulting in the increased volunteer rates later in life.

  • What types of volunteer opportunities do your local schools provide high school students? How do these differ when comparing Protestant, Catholic, non-religious private, and public schools?
  • Is promoting volunteerism an important component of your church’s youth ministry? Why/why not?

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