Your Church’s Facebook Presence

2013 State of the ChurchMonk Development’s “2013 State of the Church Online Report” contains data gathered from a diverse group of “over 50 churches spread across the United States” that seek to serve their congregation’s through the web (p.2).  As I reviewed the report, I found myself returning again and again to a statistic that provides a benchmark for congregations seeking to develop a presence on Facebook.  According to Monk’s research, “the average for likes vs. total weekly attendance (TWA) is 54%” (p.13).







So What?

Facebook matters. It is a place many people go to interact. More importantly for churches, it is the top rated source for information among engaged members of congregations.

  • What is your congregations likes to total weekly attendance rating (a church averaging 100 in worship with 71 likes would be rated at 71%)?
  • What are your congregation’s measurable goals for the current year with regard to its Facebook presence?


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