Chuck Knows Church

Chuck Knows Church is a relatively new educational resource funded by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church.  Every Thursday, a somewhat goofy yet always personable, pastoral and knowledgeable man named Chuck shares a new 2-4 minute YouTube video on a basic topic related to Christianity.  Past topics include liturgical colors, the offering plate, the Narthex, the baptismal font, and Lent.  The latest video is on the Lord’s Prayer:

So What?

In addition to being able to view or share the videos online, Chuck Knows Church allows users to download desired episodes from a library.  These pieces may be used free of charge in confirmation classes or youth groups, on church websites, during worship, or elsewhere as deemed appropriate.   If you find these videos to be of value, please let Chuck know.

  • What are your initial impressions of Chuck Knows Church? How would you envision using this material in your congregation?
  • What are your go to video resources for educating youth? Of these, which (if any), are free?

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