Self-Appraisal Statement

My understanding of who I am is shaped more by following the way of Jesus than any other factor.  I strive to live the love of neighbor Jesus taught by embodying an ever-widening inclusiveness of the circle of those I count as neighbor.  My academic preparation for Christian ministry in schools affiliated with three traditions, varied roles in parish ministry in congregations affiliated with four additional denominations, and interactions with those in the wider family of faith through a variety of interactive experiences taught and are continually teaching me the importance of Christian unity alongside the value of denominational significance.

My fitness for ministry in the church is framed by my understanding of the broader religious context, leadership abilities, values, and vision.  My work as a professor teaching world religions, conversations with those of differing faiths, and study of the changing American religious landscape strengthens my faith while enabling a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the necessity of religious reciprocity in our multi-faith culture.  As a leader, my greatest strengths include a commitment to excellence in all endeavors; a focus on bettering self, others, and organizations/congregations; and a respect for and willingness to welcome the skills and passions of all people. Many of my mentors modeled values I now count among my own including lifelong learning and servant leadership.  I envision and lovingly labor to help create a world in which all people are free to explore all religions and all religious adherents are free to practice their religions of choice.

Note: This statement was written as a part of a profile created for United Church of Christ search and call process.

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