Pastors of Growing Churches

What do pastors of growing churches have in common? Cynthia Woolever finds three commonalities:

  1. Age.  While pastors of all ages shepherd growing churches, those in their 50s are most likely to do so.
  2. Career Path. Statistically first career pastors are more likely to lead a growing church than are second career pastors.
  3. Tenure.  Pastors with longer tenures are more likely to lead growing churches.

So What?

Reviewing the profile of pastors of growing churches the most likely person to serve a growing congregation is one who is a first career pastor, has significant ministry experience, and has served her or his present congregation for quite some time.   Since only 25% of all congregations are growing, studying and learning from this group is essential.

  • Is your congregation growing, stable, or declining? List your congregation’s clergy’s age, career path and tenure.
  • Apart from clergy, what do you consider some of the most significant attributes shared by most growing congregations?


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