Before Visiting a New Church

Before visiting a new church, most people seek some basic information online.

Evan Courtney, Family Life Pastor and Communications Director at The Fields Church, provides the following list of website must haves for would be first-timer guests:

  • What does the pastor look like?
  • What size of church is it?
  • What do I wear?
  • What happens in a service?
  • Will I be asked to give money?
  • What do my kids do?
  • How do I get to your church?

So What?

Most first impressions are virtual.  Your congregation’s website and social media presence often determine whether or not someone will opt to participate in worship.

  • Does your congregation’s website provide the information these prospective visitors are seeking?  If so, can it all be accessed from a single easy to find page or must the seeker search multiple pages to glean relevant data?
  • Look at the home pages of several congregations in close geographic proximity to your own.  From both the perspective of aesthetic appeal and navigational simplicity, which site (or sites) are best? Explain.
  • What additional items (beyond Courtney’s list) do you think most seekers desire?  Are they present on your congregation’s site?

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