The Gospel in 7 Words

The September 5, 2012, edition of the Christian Century includes an article entitled “The Gospel in Seven Words.”  A few of the many submissions follow:

  • We are the church of infinite chances — Mary Karr
  • God through Jesus Christ, welcomes you anyhow — Martin E. Marty
  • We are who God says we are — Nadia Bolz-Weber (p. 20-25)

So What?

Articulating one’s faith or significant components of such briefly is challenging, but important work.  The contributor’s to the article were given the opportunity to share their seven (or less) word summary of the gospel alongside an expanded explanation not to exceed a few sentences in length.  These and other responses can be viewed online.

Take a few minutes and write your own version of the gospel in 7 words or less.
(Optional: Add a more detailed explanation in three sentences or less.)

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