Considerable Complexity – Social Marketing

Many congregations are rethinking how they spend their limited marketing/advertising dollars.  In most cases less and less money is allocated for print (phone book, direct mail, etc.) in order to free up additional funds for new media.  While this shift seems logical, the next steps are far less clear.  One of the troublesome aspects of entering this new arena is the considerable complexity of social marketing.  The graphic below, from Buddy Media, illustrates this quite well.

So What?
Charlie Minato suggests that this graphic illustrates that “digital marketing is confusing—really confusing.”  What steps has your congregation taken to enter this new arena? How effectively have you done so to date?  What individuals (subject matter experts) within your congregation need to be included in future planning ?


  1. This is a wonderful site! I read every new post that comes up. I went to sohocl with one of the authors, Aaron Davis. It’s nice to keep in touch with what’s relevant in todays day and age. I feel every topic that has been discussed so far in Students Culture has been impactful and perfect! Keep this site going!!

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