A Ministry of Digital Presence

Keith Anderson, pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church (Woburn, MA) and co-author of Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible (2012), recently blogged about the importance of social media for ministry.  He writes:

As the Internet goes mobile and we spend more time there, the line between our digital and face-to-face lives is rapidly blurring.  This integration of our digital and analog lives, whether we choose to embrace or resist it, is changing our lives and, therefore, the practice of ministry, in profound ways. Today’s ministry leaders are called to be present and minister not only in person, by phone, snail mail and email, but also via text message and social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So What?

Like most ministers and non-ordained staff who serve in a congregational context, I graduated seminary BSM (Before Social Media).  My virtual ministry training was and is experiential relying primarily on trial and error.  Thankfully, I have also benefited from conversations with others engaged in this new form of ministry.  Additionally, I have read many books, journal articles, and blog posts about social media.

  • All ministers and ministry staff learn about the importance of presence.  What does it mean to you to be fully present in the virtual world?
  • What resources have been most helpful to you in learning about being an effective minister online?
  • Do you find it more challenging to do ministry in person or online? Why?

Speak Your Mind