Single Objective of Youth Ministry

How would you complete the following sentence: The single objective of youth ministry is __________.

Youth ministry expert Mark Oestreicher answered the question with Christlikeness.


So What?
Youth ministry is typically thought of in terms of what it offers its participants, especially in terms of programs and relationships.  Youth ministry leadership teams would benefit greatly from taking time to explore together why they do what they do.  The simple yet challenging question that asks people to choose a single word to define the single objective of youth ministry is an excellent way to begin the conversation.


  1. Nancy Van Fleet says:

    “Relationship” would be my single word answer.

  2. What I love in this post is the Scripture-based perspectives of these goals and approaches. What I did not like is the non-Scripture support of making the church “look one way” and making people healthy. Is it our job as youth workers to make people healthy? That is a job for the Holy Spirit. Is it about looks? If Jesus is the model, then not at all! Just my thoughts.

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