Church Announcements = Epic-Fail

Adam Stadtmiller’s recent post, “The Epic-Fail of Church Announcements,” explores a problem that deserves far more attention than it often receives.   Stadtmiller offers this hyperbolic analysis of the problem:

Nothing in the history of Christendom, save perhaps the Second Crusade, rivals the ineffectiveness of the church’s ability to accomplish an intended purpose more than the medium of in-service announcements.

So What?
Regardless of denominational affiliation (or non-denomination identity), almost all congregations include oral announcements within the context of worship.  These announcements are most commonly delivered from clergy or others involved in worship leadership either just before or during the service.   At times they include others from within the church body or outside guests, and may be delivered in formats that range from a dry reading of a printed announcements within the bulletin to a engaging multimedia presentations clearly linked to the congregation’s mission.

  • How does your congregation handle oral announcements within or just before services of worship?  How effective is this for engaging those present? for working with and becoming a part of rather than serving as an aside to or break during worship?
  • When do you feel is the ideal time within or just before or following worship for verbal announcements? Why?


  1. Ron Saul says:

    One of the best things Naples United Church of Christ did was to have a wide-screen TV set up outside of the chapel with our announcement for an event. It was the perfect way to advertise and get the word out without distracting from worship. :)

  2. Ron, that was a creative, appropriate, and seemingly successful means of “announcing” the event. Hopefully it encourages even more creative thinking for other one-of-a-kind functions.

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