Reflecting on 500 Blog Posts

In 2009, I moved from an observer to a participant in the growing world known as social media.

  • In January, I joined Facebook.  Within a few months, I was logging in to Facebook several times a day.
  • In May, I secured a domain name.  In June, I launched this blog.  Initially, I wrote a few posts a week
  • In September, I joined Twitter.  Within a few months, I was tweeting several times a day.

As I wind down my third year in social media, I recognize that statistics tell a very incomplete story.  I could share how many friends I have on Facebook or how many followers I have on Twitter or how often I use either.  Instead, I focus on this being my 500th blog post. Previously, my reflections on my life as a blogger (e.g., – The First Two Years) have focused on the experience itself, and evaluations have emphasized statistics.   While those remain helpful ways of pondering progress, I suggest a few new ways that are as, if not more important:

  • Engagement.  Social media is about more than creating quality content; it is about purposefully interacting with other people.
  • Entwinement.  Social media is not designed for isolation (e.g. adding a Twitter widget on this site earlier this year); it works best when multiple tools are used collaboratively.
  • Enrichment.  Social media has helped me grow personally and professionally. I have learned a great deal by not only by creating, but also in sharing and consuming thoughts via social media.

So What?

It is hard to believe, but true: as recently as 2008, I was marginally involved in social media.  I am thankful I decided to get involved, and glad I have continued to expand my involvement.

  • When did you get involved in social media?  How has your participation changed over time?
  • What have your experiences been to date if measured in terms of engagement, entwinement, and enrichment?

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