Can You Be a Leader?

Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie is a seasoned executive leader with over two decades of experience in the cable television industry, who has partnered with Liz Strauss to create  Inside-Out Thinking (a venture centered around the development of great leaders who can make a difference in any organization) and SOBCon  (a business “think tank” with a Social Media twist). On his blog, he recently shared his experience of his first job interview with a CEO, which happened while he was still in his twenties.   In that post, he writes:

. . . this interview experience taught me an important lesson, one that I’m very happy to pass along.

Know the answer to the question, “What makes you think you can be a leader?”

Even if nobody ever asks it out loud, because that’s what your future boss really wants to know.

So What?

Most people consider themselves to be leaders, but many do so uncritically.  Take some time today to formulate your answer to Starbucker’s question (What makes you think you can be a leader?) as it relates to your longer term personal or professional goals.

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