Signs You’re Failing

Steve Ingold, High School Director at Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, CA, wrote a guest post on Josh Griffin’s top-ranked youth ministry blog, More than Dodgeball, about signs that indicate a youth minister is missing the mark.  Ingold’s list of thirteen items includes:

… if I put the ministry ahead of my relationship with God.

… if I put the ministry ahead of my relationship with my wife and family.

… if don’t invest in meaningful friendships outside of youth ministry and/or the church.

… if I allow the numbers to discourage me OR make me feel good about myself.

… if I constantly look beyond student ministry towards “the next big thing.”

… if students feel like a number and not an individual.

So What?

Many in youth ministry receive annual performance evaluations, but all should engage in intentional introspection on a regular basis.  Using this list as a starting point, what other items would you add?  (If you are in another type of ministry simply swap more age inclusive terms for youth/students.  )

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