Most Americans Now Favor Legal Gay Marriage

According to Gallup‘s latest Values and Beliefs poll, conducted May 5-8,  a majority of Americans (53%) now support equal marriage rights for same sex couples as for opposite sex couples.  This graph below shows how opinions have changed over time, with the single greatest percentage gain in marriage equality coming over the last year (9%).

So What?

For the first time ever, according to Gallup’s poll, the majority of Americans now support marriage equality.  When one considers how differing demographics responded to the question, it becomes clear that those who favor equality tend to be younger (the equality stance diminishes by more than 10% for each age cohort starting at a high of 70% for those aged 18-34) and liberal (the equality stance diminishes by more 10% for each grouping moving from left to right starting at a high of 78% among liberals).

How do you think the shift in public thinking will impact reform in those states where same-sex couples do not currently have the right to marry?

According to your understanding of the Christian faith, what do you believe about the covenant of marriage with regard to who may enter into it?

How accurately do you feel the media has captured the diversity of opinion within the Christian church with regard to this issue?

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