Returning to Parish Ministry

After my first time away from parish ministry since the early days of seminary, I will be returning to that role effective May 1 when I  assume the role of Director of Adult Education at Naples United Church of Christ.  Some of my regular readers may be familiar with that name as I have written several times about my volunteer leadership experiences in this community of faith, especially in leading worship (i.e. sermon manuscript or other recent materials: 1, 2, 3, 4).  NUCC is a growing parish with 0ver 1100 members and an average weekly worship attendance of almost 700 (markedly higher in the winter months thanks to an influx of seasonal residents).  It will be my first time since seminary to serve in a part-time capacity (I will continue to work at Hodges University on a full-time basis) and the first time I have ever served a congregation affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

So What?

Faith formation involves community.  For Christians it involves the church (for example, I have written about my experiences in seven denominations, including how each has influenced me).

Reflect on your own experiences in church from birth till present and make a list in chronological order of all local congregations you have attended on a regular (or somewhat regular basis).  What is one way each of these has influenced your faith?

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