Celebrating my Twitterversary

Happy Twitterversary Sowhatfaith

I joined Twitter one year ago today, which makes today my first twitterversary. 

Initially, I tweeted sparingly (between 31 and 56 times a month).  Once I felt more familiar with the discipline , I tweeted a bit more (between 89 and 97 times  a month).  Last month I fully embraced tweeting and posted more than ever by some margin (276 tweets).  This month I am on pace for about the same number of tweets as last month.  In reviewing the statistics of my first year, a few stood out:

  • Tweeted just over 1,000 times (2.7 tweets per day)
  • Most frequently used words were God, church, Jesus and people
  • Tweeted more on Thursday than any other day of the week (least on Monday)
  • Most frequently retweeted users were liturgy, virtual_abbey, and lensweet
  • Posted roughly 80% of my tweets via ubbertwitter and 20% via the web


So What?

Tweeting has taught me many lessons including:

  1. Brevity is a valuable discipline (140 characters or less)
  2. Real community comes in many forms (including virtual)
  3. Christianity is incredibly diverse yet amazingly united
  4. You never know who may “follow you” or retweet your words
  5. Greater awareness of what is happening (both locally and globally)

What have you learned as a result of being a part of twitter?  If you are not tweeting, why have you been resistant to embrace twitter?


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